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Nothing captures the woozy, manic memories of a great party like the Lomo Colorsplash. While others wash out the room with a blinding harsh white flash, you paint the moment in yellow streaks, glowing blue orbs and bright red faces. The Colorsplash has a thousand uses, but a party is where it truly comes into it’s own. Lightweight but strong, it’s something that can be held comfortably in one hand (preferably the one not holding a beer) as you wait for an opportunity to momentarily blind a fellow partygoer!

I love the Colorsplash for one main reason – the ‘half moon’ button that enables me to hold the shutter open as I wave/shake/swing the camera around before blasting my main subject with coloured light. And after a couple of years of taking my Colorsplash to any event that involved night or darkness, I now stand in awe at how easy it is to capture wonderful images – this is point-and-click at it’s simplest, yet the results seem closer to my memories of an event than the actual reality! It’s as though a sketch artist has been busy painting my idea of a night, rather than capturing the far more sober “truth” a standard digital camera would.

What makes this camera special is it’s interaction with people. I like to hide it from view, open the shutter then hold it up to someone’s face. As they’re in the middle of staring at the strange and beautiful Kubrickian design… I let go. And even when I feel less mischievous I’m always surprised by how willing people are to pose for an unusual camera!

In practical terms I’ve found 100ASA Fuji Superia to perform best – the lower the ASA the longer you can leave open the shutter, thus the wackier the results!

All-plastic, but strong as a house, this has been my most reliable Lomo camera, and while we can buy a Colorsplash Flash for our LC-A, or add coloured gels to our Diana-F+ flash, the sheer one-handed, one-fingered simplicity of using this camera is what truly makes it a winner for me.

written by sadmafioso on 2008-10-25 #gear #review #lomography #colorsplash-camera


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    W00t ! Excellent review ! Gotta get me one ASAP >D

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