Lomography Diana Mini User Review


72 shots in one roll of film, convenient small size and the ability to transform an ordinary scene into an extraordinary photo, why would you not take your Mini Diana everywhere you go?

The Diana Mini creates very nice vintage styled photos, with strong vignetting and wonderful colors when used in bright sunlight. Use any film and be amazed with the results, be it cross processed slide film, black and white or plain old Kodak 200!

The first roll I ever bought to my local camera shop was a disaster. I had been to rough on the advance wheel and the teeth had torn the sprockets, and eventually, the film was ripped right in two (literally, teething problems..). When I asked the guy at the camera shop he only had one piece of advice for me, “Get a new, better camera”. Now, I wasn’t too pleased with this advice. I loved my new Diana Mini! Instead of throwing in the towel and taking his advice, I tried again. The next roll was slightly better, but I still left about half the roll unexposed. Third time lucky I hoped. And YES! It was such an amazing change from those boring digicam shots! You just need to learn your way with this camera, be gentle, and it will give you results!

If you love soft focused snapshots with a difference, get the Diana Mini. And it doesn’t end there, there are so many different techniques that can be explored with this camera! From half frame diptychs, square frame shots, multiple exposures and overlapping panoramas all the way through to night time shooting with the Diana Flash!

The Diana Mini is a perfect introduction to the Lomography world and is sure to get you hooked!

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  1. jovytwiggy
    jovytwiggy ·

    Great shots you got there!
    My half-frame shots ALWAYS overlap, how did you get them so accurately??

  2. pim_g
    pim_g ·

    I think I just wind until it stops? Haha sorry I can't be more help! And thanks!

  3. ephemera
    ephemera ·

    these are really great shots! my favorite is the twelth one, well done! i can't wait to get my own diana mini! i hope the film i used at the lomography workshop turns out okay. anyway thanks for the review! it makes me real happy to see such wonderful results :D

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