Party With The Fisheye

The world’s first compact 35mm camera with a fisheye lens, a whole 170 degrees lens that takes in as much as possible, and with a built in flash the possibilities of this camera is endless. Use it when you are just out and about, at parties, day or night and with it being extremely light its easy to carry around with you.

The Lomo Fisheye is great camera for any lomographer to have in their collection, easy to use, and because it take 35mm film it is cheap and easy to get your photos developed.

I got this camera as a gift from my mum at christmas. I had been eyeing it up for a while, i was intrigued by the fisheye lens and wondered what kind of pictures it would take. I didn’t have to wait long to try out cos my friend was have a birthday party about 4 days after christmas, time to try out my new camera.

Because it was at night and in my friend’s flat it was pretty dark, but that is no problem for the fisheye, with its built in flash i could still get some great pictures. In fact i quite like that i had to use the flash because as you will see in some of my photos you get the great “dear caught in the headlights” look.

Another thing i like is that you don’t have to worry about focusing the lens as everything in the foreground and the background of the photo stays in focus, which means it is great for capturing things in the spur of the moment, don’t worry about focusing, just point and shoot, you don’t even need to use the view finder.

All this and the wonderful tunnel effect that the lens gives you, like its almost bending to fit everything in the picture, makes the fisheye a really great camera to get, whether you use it at parties, on holiday, or just walking down the street. It is great for capturing those moments that you need to get right away, while giving them an interesting visual twist at the same time.

written by laineyrocks on 2008-10-27 #gear #35mm #review #lomography #fisheye

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