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The Carmen baths, the docks, and the Contemporary Art Centre. When I went to Malaga I visited many places that are hidden in this city but my favourites were these three.

Carmen baths is located in the Eastern District of Malaga and is notable for containing an old resort made up of a central pavilion and bathing area perimeter. It is found to be wild and semi-derelict and has a beach area and a terrace bar. It is an old-fashioned and decadent place, but it’s worth taking a stroll along the beach to the resort and an aperitif as well.

Walking around the 3,000-year-old docks, placed in the Malaga Bay is another activity that should not be missed if you visit a city facing the sea. Look at the lighthouse, the boats and sails, and feel the smell of salt. If after the sea route around you fancy a calming afternoon, then a visit to the Contemporary Art Centre (http://cacmalaga.org/) will not be the best option. It’s located in the heart of the city, between Comandante Benitez Avenue and Germany Street. The CAC Malaga is located in the former Malaga Wholesale Market, a historic building on the left bank of the river Guadalmedina. During my visit an exhibition of Dexter Dalwood was taking place, a retrospective of paintings and collages made by bringing together the work of the last decade and showing his personal view of some of the events and personalities that marked the twentieth century.

So I can only say: enjoy your stay in Malaga and as always, come with a camera in hand!

written by cohetesnaranjas on 2011-03-09 #places #location #malaga
translated by lori_an

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  1. jourdanlynch
    jourdanlynch ·

    I love Malaga.
    I used to live there... never missed a place so much in my life. x)

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