The 10 Prophecies of the Analogue Future land in NYC!

Lomography is launching its biggest campaign ever in Lomography stores worldwide & online! We’ve just received our posters and stickers and they are soon to be appearing all over New York City and the rest of the world.

What are the 10 Prophecies? Click here to find out what they are all about.

Be one of the first to get your hands on the 10 Prophecies in NYC! Come to either New York shop, grab your posters and stickers, spread the word and get a chance to win a trip to Vienna! Anyone who asks gets one poster and sticker, spend $50 or more in the shop and get all 10!

Here’s how it works:

(1) Get one of the10 posters or stickers by visiting any Lomography Shop worldwide, or by placing an order online.

(2) Paste it anywhere you want, the more creative the better** — Just take care not to vandalize anything, that would NOT be cool.

(3) Take an analogue photo of your poster/sticker in situ.

(4) Upload the photo to the rumble page

It’s as easy as that! We’re going to pick 3 winners for this huge prize (1 Winner from North and South America, 1 Winner from Europe and Africa, 1 Winner from Asia and the Rest of the World). The winners will be chosen based on the quality and novelty of their photo, so get thinking!

If you win, we’ll give you a round trip flight to Vienna and 3 nights’ accommodation in a hotel. You will also be visiting our Head Quarters to get a glimpse of where the magic happens! How cool is that?

Head to the Rumble Page for full competition details – The rumble end date is 15th April so get submitting!

**Lomography does not encourage vandalism or damage to private or public property. Please make sure that the hanging of posters and stickers does not infringe Local Laws and Rights. Lomography assumes no liability for damage on any legal basis. By participating in this competition, you completely indemnify Lomography.

Also, check out these cool 10 Prophecies desktop backgrounds for you computer!

Lomography Gallery Store NYC Greenwich Village
41 W 8th Street NYC 10011
212-529-4353 x212

Lomography Gallery Store NYC Gramercy
106 E 23rd Street NYC 10010

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