LC-A PLUS - I like you!


six pluses and one minus = five stars. LCA plus has, as her name suggests, some plus features. But let’s start with the basics:

It is the same light weighing camera (even more light), same sizes. The distance goes from 0,8 meters up to infinity. The lens is still minitar 32mm, but made in china (you can see it is a bit red when the russian lens is bluish). The aperture is fix at 2,8. You have a hotshoe.

So what are the plus features?
+ asa settings from 100 to 1600 (instead of 25 to 400)
+ you can add a cable release
+ you have a window so you can see what film is inside
+ you have an mx- shutter, so you can make instant doubles without forwarding the film
+ you can add a winder or lomo KRAB
+ you can easily add a splitzer or wide angle lens

So compared to the original LCA there are some cool new features and one loss. What I miss is the changeable aperture. LCA automatically shoots flash at the end of its exposure time (you can lift your finger very fast, to have shorter exposure times) With fix aperture of 2,8 faces might overexpose easily.

I like the high asa- modes so you can make triples with a 400 asa film without overexposing the film or you can use higher asa films (e.g. with lomo KRAB). I like to add the Splitzer, to combine different subjects on one frame or make doubles. Of course I like to add a cable release (a big plus!).
I always wanted to have the new one and now I am very satisfied.

written by mephisto19 on 2008-10-26 #gear #35mm #review #lc-a

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  1. butter
    butter ·

    I'm pretty sure the LC-A+ does not have a fixed aperture. You cannot set it manually, but I do believe it changes automatically.

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