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Don´t get me wrong, I love nature. I like to go hiking with my dog for several hours in the forest but when I take pictures, I clearly prefer an urban environment. The bigger the city, the better for me! Read here why the new LC-Wide is the perfect tool for candid street photography or why it can even help you get in touch with total strangers.

Taking pictures for me is like meditation.

Some people prefer a spa, a hot spring or a quiet temple to calm their senses. For me, the perfect places to relax are a crowded city intersection, a crazy market at night or a square in the city centre where hundreds of people are passing by.

I can sit there for hours, setting up my camera to hyperfocal distance, shooting people passing by and my smile just gets bigger and bigger with every minute. The LC-Wide with its wide lens is perfect for doing this job. It is small, so nobody really pays attention to me while I´m shooting. It is wide, so there’s no need to use the viewfinder and be too obvious. Another plus is the half-format option, where you can even get 72 shots on one roll, so you can really capture a lot of action.

Sometimes I try to find a place with good light and a nice background and stay in that area until some nice, interesting people pass by. I introduce myself, show them some of my pics and ask them if they are interested in me taking some portrait shots. Nearly 99% of them agree and we start shooting. Sometimes they are a little bit nervous, so I talk to them about their job, their city or ask them if they are on vacation. While they are talking, they get more relaxed in front of the camera and the pics always turns out nicer.

The LC-Wide is nice for this because you can shoot while you are talking, no need to set up the camera, just use the automatic mode and capture some nice portraits.
It can even become a nice icebreaker because people often ask me: ooh, you are still using analogue, or: Wow, what a nice camera……

Another thing that makes people nervous are big bulby cameras with huge tele – or zoom lenses. I mean, getting one of these DSLR monsters directly in your face is like having a gun pointed at you…, also the compact size of the LC-Wide is a big advantage for me.

With this camera you have a lot of options, whether you prefer landscape shots or architecture shots – you should also spend a day in a crowded city and try to relax a little bit…..

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  1. wil6ka
    wil6ka ·

    I love all the shots Mario - intense storytelling :)
    What distance did you choose for the guy with the blues mask - first shot, third gallery?
    And what distance for the shot in the second last gallery with the guy making the horns?
    Just ordered mine today!

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