The Yes Man: A World Without No


Can you imagine a world where the word “No” didn’t exist? Imagine a world where you never turned anything down, never refused anything but instead said “Yes” to everything anyone ever asked of you. We take a look at the experiment of British comedian and author, Danny Wallace, who did exactly this.

What’s it gonna be? Lomograph by takuji

Before Danny Wallace, a freelance radio producer in London, began his unique experiment he’d recently been dumped by his girlfriend and was in a situation probably a lot of us can relate to. He was saying “No” to a lot of things. He found himself avoiding people, sending SMS messages to friends when he could have called them. Things like that. He found that he was saying “No” way too much.

Find yourself saying this too much? Lomograph by adamscott

One night a mysterious man on a bus told him to “Say Yes More”. He took this advice extremely serious and made a pledge to say “yes” to literally everything for an entire year. So, for an entire year he found that he had to say “yes” to anything and everything. His mail box was overflowing with credit card offers he had said “yes” to, if someone handing out pamphlets offered him something on the street, he took it. He said “yes” to every single invitation, whether it was out drinking with friends or a super-important business proposition. In the end he even ends up attending meetings with a group that believes aliens built the pyramids in Egypt. He became the “Yes Man”.

“Say Yes More” Lomograph by schmartypanz

He was so shocked and surprised by the amount of things that this experience led to that he wrote a book about his experiences. Ultimately his experiment leads to him becoming a best-selling author, meeting the girl of his dreams, becoming a successful TV presenter and even having a Hollywood movie made about him. His story was adapted to become “Yes Man”, the box-office movie featuring Jim Carrey. Not bad, hey?

But what if you applied this to your own life? How many times a day to you find yourself saying “no” to something you could have said “yes” to? If any of you have ever done it let us know! Why not give it a whirl in your Lomographic life too. Should I give some redscale film a go? Sure! How about a boating trip with my Diana Mini? You bet. It would definitely make for an interesting experiment. Why not give it a go Lomographers?

Become a Lomographic Yes Man or Woman. Lomograph by brettac

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  1. eva_eva
    eva_eva ·

    I often say 'No' especially to my boyfriend! This article had remind me once again the movie 'Yes Man' which is super inspiring and it's time for me to say 'Yes' indeed :) Thanks for sharing! :D

  2. nural
    nural ·

    I want to be that person!!! I always get the feeling that I could say to a lot more things!! I actually did a lot of yes when I first got the spinner, but I got lazy again :(

  3. pangmark
    pangmark ·

    Yes! Does that mean I'm not cheating cos I had to say yes? Kind of a free license isn't it? Of course you must say yes.

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