Self-Portraits : Big Round Face!


I loves traveling and sightseeing. So, what is the best way to capture your own self-portraits while you are on your move, while you might be alone and nobody could help you?

Get a Fisheye camera! (Or any panoramic camera which is super perfect for vacation.)

Fisheye is so WIDE than can even fit yourself, the scenery and even all your travel buddies as well!!! Besides, it’s light-weight and it’s definitely cool to bring it when traveling around the globe.

So, here’s the interesting part. How to take your desired self-portraits?

One: I love seeing myself looking cute and funny!
It’s easy to look cute and fun! All you need is to hold the camera as close as possible facing towards your face, 45 degrees above you.
Ta-da! Your face distorted, your eyes and nose enlarged while your mouth and chin shrink. Now you look like…someone you did not look like in normal days. Haha!

Two: I love seeing myself looking as normal as possible, with scenery behind me.
Well, if you do not wish to distort your own face, then try to distance your camera from yourself at least 0.6m. With it, your camera could able to take photographs of yourself, and the beautiful scenery behind you as well. If you wish to take it together with your travel mates, ask whoever had the longest hand, hold it 45 degrees above and snap. It fits amazing 20 peoples at once!

Three: I love seeing myself multiple-exposed with something else.
If you try to blend in with something else is super interesting. While you take normal self-portraits, you can actually experimenting something else. There’s 2 ways you can do this. One is to use the MX (multiple exposure) function. Shoot your own self portrait as for the first exposure and then shoot your desire object, scene, patterns, etc as for your second exposure (either way also can). Then you gonna have something like this :

Other then MX, you can actually ‘double’ it. You shoot plenty of your self portraits in a roll, finished it and then asking help from your friend to shoot the roll again with something else. The outcome of the double-exposure-self-portraits are going to be extraordinary!

Special thanks to my doubles mate, Miranda a.k.a @hippopo0838!!

Here’s all my 3 ‘lil tips and tricks of having self-portraits with the awesome fisheye camera. Let’s stay CUTE and DISTORTED forever! Heehaha!! :)

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  1. adrienne-is
    adrienne-is ·

    Soooo many great self-portraits you've got and a nice article. Very cute.

  2. lannshaukani
    lannshaukani ·

    nice article. +10

  3. saisan
    saisan ·

    great self-portraits!

  4. eva_eva
    eva_eva ·

    Thanks!!! :D I love self-portraits! :D

  5. ujeong
    ujeong ·

    i love your photos helped me to understand the distance of a arm's width and the various outcome ;) thanks! i know what to do with my fisheye lens now :)

  6. eva_eva
    eva_eva ·

    @ujeong, thanks alot for your sweet compliment! :))

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