And I Came Back in Love with Seville


In the beginning of February this year, a couple of friends and I decided to make a surprise visit to our old classmates who now study in Seville.

The idea of meeting again with old classmates in Seville excited me so much, but not that much as it was going to be in Seville. I didn’t have a good image of this city, I mean, it didn’t look like “my style” at all. But everything changed when I spent a weekend there. So much that I came back in love with Seville.

Just when I got there I already loved the weather. It was the beginning of February and we were eating in a terrace wearing short sleeved t-shirts while the sun was burning! We set an improvised table in the terrace and stayed there for more than an hour and a half.

Credits: fafascinado

After lunch they gave us a tour of the city. Just going out to the street with that heat, listening to the people talking with that singular Andalusian accent and stepping on those stone streets it was such a luxury. Our first stop was one of the most distinguished monuments of Seville, the Giralda and its surroundings.

Credits: fafascinado

Afterwards our tour went on towards the also emblematic Torre del Oro heading to Triana. The landscape was spectacular. In the avenue, huge palm trees and orange trees were mixed, houses with Andalusian patios with stone streets as well.

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The next morning was even better. We woke up not so early and we had breakfast in the little balcony of their Sevillian flat. At lunch time they proposed to have a picnic in a park that we sure would love. And they weren’t wrong! Maria Luisa park is huge and green, filled with enormous trees and singing birds.

Credits: fafascinado

After the picnic we headed to the famous Plaza de España. (Curious fact: a scene in one of the Star Wars movies was recorded there).

Credits: fafascinado

Actually this stay in Seville felt really really short, so when I have a couple of free days I’ll spend them there.

Lomo on and… OLÉ!

Credits: fafascinado

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  1. kvboyle
    kvboyle ·

    Y ahora sabes la verdad, que no hay mejor ciudad en el mundo! Muy bonita la historia y me encantan las fotos!

  2. fafascinado
    fafascinado ·

    @kyboyle si! pero tengo que decir que mi Barcelona me tiene el corazón robado! :D

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