Si-zih-wan, a historical place in the old time, it is a lovely place to see the sunset, the ocean, and different views of Kaohsiung. Si-zih-wan is one of the famous tourist spots in the southern part of Taiwan which is located at the the entrance of the Kaohsiung Harbor.

It is nearby the Gushan and Yancheng district which is rich in foods and history, with the the Jue Jiang Market and The Pier-2 ART Center also nearby. So when the weekend rolls around, there is always a lot tourists. Here, you can visit The British Consulate at Takao, Si-zih-wan Beach, National Sun Yat-Sen University, an excavation site – Syongjhen North Gate, Mountain Chai, and Mountain Shou.

Syongjhen North Gate was built to defend the entrance of the harbor years back, nearby it is at the platform where you can enjoy great views of the ocean and the sunset. At night there are a lot of couples who like to come here for a date. Moving on to the National Sun Yat-Sen University, this is a beautiful school located nearby the mountains and the ocean. As a school with a beach next to it, which offer students and people here a nice place for relaxation or water activities.

The British Consulate at Takao was established after the Treaty of Beijing in 1860. Nowadays it has become a cultural and historical spot that offers exhibitions and introduces visitors to the history of Takao (the old name of Kaohsiung). Here you can already see Kaohsiung Harbor and the city and it’s also a lovely place to enjoy the night view.

Mountain Chai and Mountain Shou offer nice tracks for hiking; you can also enjoy the view from the mountains. You’ll find a lot of different species of animals and plants here especially the Taiwan Monkey, which you might see on the road, but please don’t feed them!

Here is Si-zih-wan, I hope someday when you pass by Taiwan, you can stop by here and walk around. Peace!


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  1. tumbler
    tumbler ·

    I wish I had known this a couple of years ago.
    When I was in Kaohsiung, I spent most of my time at the Pig & Whistle ;) .

  2. bboysherman
    bboysherman ·

    were u the exchange student here or what, Pig&Whistle were closed for 1or 2 years already

    so, u got a good reason so visit again :D

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