The Turtle Haven in Galle, Sri Lanka

The “Sea Turtle Farm & Hatchery” is a non-profit organization that has the noble task of ensuring the survival of Sea Turtles for the next generation.

Situated in Habaraduwa (southern part of Sri Lanka – Galle District) near to the beautiful beach. The center which was started in 1986 have released more than 500,000 Sea Turtles to the ocean.

The first stop that the tour guide brought us to was the “hatching” area or the incubator where thousands of turtle eggs were carefully placed for hatching. These eggs were bought from fishermen and nearby villages.

These were the baby turtles happily swimming in a man-made environment. The guide told us that most of them will be released to the sea.

See how small and vulnerable they were! Some of the adult turtles can be found here for educational purposes. They would be tagged and released to the sea after a few months of study. After the unfortunate Tsunami disaster, the farm was damaged and hopefully as tourists, we can do our part by visiting the centre and contribute to the rebuilding of this turtle haven.

Visit their website for more information:

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