Disappearing Nan Sang Wai? (Hong Kong)

Nan Sang Wai is where Bei Bei used to live and this is also the favourite filming location of a TV station. The large forested woods and broken bridge are its trademark. If you watch the news or drama serials often, you will be very familiar with it.

Now, property developers are interested in developing Nan Sang Wei by building houses and golf courses thereby destroying the natural environment, and we have one less place to go hiking. I took one trip to Nan Sang Wai, hoping to take pictures of its unspolit beauty before it is lost forever in the name of development.

Now, even the ferryman has retired, if you want to go to Nan Sang Wai, you have to make a detour of about 45 minutes. But I think it is still worth the effort to make the trip and appreciate the beauty of Nan Sang Wai.

written by andychau123 on 2011-03-03 #places #location #lc-a # #travel-destination #kodak-elitechronme-200 #nan-sang-wai
translated by coolsigg

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