Francesc Galí, his Diana F+ and his 35mm back

We invite you inside de gallery of Francesc Galí, a great marketing executive director, self-thought photographer and lover of his town Folgeroles, in Barcelona.

We invite you inside de gallery of Francesc Galí, a great marketing executive director, self-thought photographer and lover of his town Folgeroles, in Barcelona.

REAL NAME Francesc Galí

How and when did you discover Lomography and it’s analog cameras?
I discovered Lomography about 10 years ago, thanks to an article that appeared in ‘País Semanal’. I thought it a fascinating story. Truth is I was interested, but I never spotted a camera. Two summers ago another article turned up, and I couldn’t resist, and bought my first Diana on the internet.

Could you tell us an anecdote or “strange” experience you’ve had while going about with your Diana hanging from your neck?
I have lots. In my towns celebrations, Folgueroles, I stumbled with memebers of the Photographic Association of Catalunya. They were all carrying incredible digital cameras, telephotos, tripods, flashes. Armed to the teeth. I had my Diana around my neck, hanging with the plastic collar. I talked to them with enthusiasm about Lomography, but 5 minutes in I noticed they were looking strangely at me. They said they’d call but… I understood it wasn’t their thing.

Quickly: if you had to chose between frozen shrimp and your Diana, which would you keep?
I would keep the Diana and take a photo to put in the freezer!!!

In your work, where marketing campaigns draw a fine line and merchandise studies rule, are you considered a strange guy with your plastic cameras?
Strangely no, but it’s not the usual. Fortunately I spend a lot of time with photographers, graphic designers, publicists, people with whom I can talk about my passion without remorse!!!

Imagine you add music to the photos you show us in this magazine, tell us three and their authors.
Black is the Color of My True Love’s Hair by Nina Simone, Lady Sings the Blues by Billie Holiday and So What by Miles Davis.

The million dollar question: digital or analog, why?
The doubt offends me, ha ha ha. It’s an analog world. We’re mammals, we like to touch things. The digital world is for amphibians!!! Digital is fine to transfer data but not to make photos!!! They’re terribly cold y much too far from reality.

We know that besides photography, you always like gastronomy and the good dinning, gives us your secret addresses in Barcelona and it’s surroundings, those with affordable prices.
Can Tenli in Maçanet de Cabrenys (Girona) make the best ‘bacalao’ you could imagine, El Far del Cap de Creus in Cadaques make hindú cuisine in the end of the world, and the Golondrinas en Roses (Girona) were you can eat authentic Argentinean meat, I recommend the Angus filet.

Things you love about your Diana, but also make you a “little” nervous. *
I love it’s simplicity, the cute design, the little noise it makes as you advance the film (my cousin says it’s like listening to Mozart)… It makes me a little nervous when I try to take a photo and the objective comes off…

Tell us your dream vacation; Where? How? With what? and With who?
I’m taking a sabbatic year, and take a trip around the world with my family. I’ll take my whole arsenal of analog cameras and photograph the world through my vision. Then I’ll publish a book and become right, so I’ll be able to spin around without stopping, ha ha ha.

What future do you see in this analog world?
Christians had it worst in the year 33 and the apostles did a great job!!! Good will triumph over evil. We’re undergoing dark times in which the new Techno-God has taken over the minds of the world, but thanks to lomography y and like the phoenix, the analog world will triumph!!! I’m an optimist, at the end of the movies the good guys always win!

Since you already have a few years, what advice can you give to the young folks born in the digital era?
It’s the first time I’ve been told I have a few years. Maybe its true! What’s ‘in’ is analog, digital cameras are tacky. I just bought a ‘73 Werlisa camera in the market for $3, and I’ve gotten some incredible photos that a digital camera can’t compare. I recommend everyone to get a cheaper analog camera and shot a roll of film. You’ll be surprised.

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translated by reneg88

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