Lucky Charm ISO 200


Lucky Charm ISO 200 definitely will boost your luck. No need to worry when you are out of budget, while your fingers are just “trigger happy”. This film will spoil your Lomo desire. Lucky Charm will amaze you with her charm when capturing scenery, but for me, its when you do close up shot..

It’s at par with those branded film in the market. Its said after China Lucky Film Corporation consolidated with Kodak Company, Lucky Co. launched this Lucky Charm 200 color film, which is one of their best quality films. AND IT’S WALLET FRIENDLY!

How did I find this charm? It started one day when I ran of budget, but I couldn’t resist getting trigger happy, craving for more shots. Then I started roaming around my neighborhood in Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong, with HK$ 20 in my pocket, and of course my LC-A+. After hours of wandering around on that tourist area, I found a little photo supplies shop. I held my breath when I stepped in this shop, and looked for their film racks. As expected the prices were killing me. But when I asked the shopkeeper about cheap film, she showed me this red box film with Chinese character on it. She told this the cheapest film she had, its tag with HK$ 18. I am already just too happy, so I bought 1 pack of that film. From the explanations that she told to me, I just remembered this film is made in China. I went straight to Hong Kong Park to take shots from there (last time I went there most of my pics are washed out since wrong ISO setting), and these photos show how the charm worked.

I was just too curious with how the charm works, how the cheap film is able to gave you “luck”? So with little research I found several details on this charm and here they are:

1) Sensitivity -- The speed marked on film is ISO200/24°. When the temperature of shooting light source is 5,500K, the curve of sensitive properties is as Diagram 1.

2) Contrast -- Lucky Charm 200 color film has a suitable medium-grey contrast so as to reproduce the original gradation of the scenery.

3) Exposure latitude -- Adopting the multi-layer technology in both red, green and blue sensitive layers in charm-200 color, the three sensitive curves have good straight line, which makes the exposure latitude wider from -2.0EV to +3EV.

4) Layer effects -- Due to the adoption of new DIR coupler, DIR compounds and DIAR coupler, its interlayer effect is reach 40%. Charm-200 color obtains strong interlayer effect. The single color contrast is improved and the color saturation is strengthened, therefore, the image of Charm-200 color becomes sharp, bright and saturated.


With the adoption of modern balanced multi-jet synthetic technology in the emulsion making, the emulsion crystal of multi-layer flat grain becomes uniform, regular and small-sized.

The adoption of fuzzy coupler in some sensitive layers is helpful to make image particle petty and reduce particle size visually.

The third generation DIR compounds adopted in the sensitive layer brings good interlayer effect.
The adoption of new technologies gives charm-200 colorpetty particle and good texture sensation.

—Resolving power

With the application of new flat-grain silver halide microcrystal, the thickness of the coating is greatly reduced and its resolving power is increased to 132c/mm(1000:1). With the combined application of new DIR, DIAR compounds, the edge of the image becomes sharper and the pictures becomes more beautiful.

—Fast silver bleaching speed

Due to the adoption of the penetration and bleach technology and compounds concerned, the silver bleaching speed of the film processing is increased. Therefore,charm-200 color can completely adapt C-41RA and Lucky G-70RA rapid access.

—The application of new mask technology improves the color reality and charm-200 color is compatible with Kodak channel. Diagram 4 is the spectrum dye density cruve

Coating Structure

Lucky charm-200 color film has 16 coating layers, such as, protective layer, UV filtering layer, blue sensitive layer (low and high sensitive layer), interlayer, green sensitive layer(low, midium and high sensitive layer), interlayer, red sensitive layer(low, midium and high sensitive layer), anti-halation layer, film base and anti-curl layer.

So for every newbie when you are out budget… now you now how to exit from out budget problem. No need to worry, grab this charm, and this definitely will give you luck boost!

written by reiga on 2011-05-24 #gear #film #lucky #review #cheap #lomography #charm #user-review

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  1. adi_totp
    adi_totp ·

    very good review :D

  2. mikahsupageek
    mikahsupageek ·

    super technical review :o bravo !!!

  3. wuxiong
    wuxiong ·

    Too technical writing get my eyes crossed when reading , make it simle, this charm film is as good as you can imagine. My favorite film too. It costs about 10 RMB in GuangZhou, China... Highly recommended.<:)

  4. ibkc
    ibkc ·

    This review made me go running to Google to see if it's available in my part of the world ... and sadly, it does not appear to be except in very occasional large expired lots on eBay. :P Oh well, very good review anyway!

  5. reiga
    reiga ·

    hehehe..yup its technical review..i just cant resist it. Thank for reading i am still stuck with Solaris rolls.

    ibkc: dont go for expired suggest for you. Go to Jakarta, Indonesia i treat you with charms here..hehehe

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