Hawai'i Nei


Think you’ve seen all that nature has to offer? Only if you’ve climbed the green peaks and swam in the clear aequorial waters of Hawaii have you experienced Mother Nature’s most precious gifts.

Locals of Hawaii, including myself, sometimes take for granted how blessed we are to be surrounded by such beautiful sights of nature everyday. Due to Hawaii’s location, the weather doesn’t drastically change from season to season, so we can drive to the beach or climb the green mountains any day. Taking a step back and looking at how beautiful and natural my environment is, I can see why many people want to visit Hawaii.

There’s so many rich blues and deep greens in all the go-to destinations of Hawaii. The rich blue areas include beaches like Makapu’u, Sandys, North Shore, and Waikiki. Makapu’u, Sandys, and the North Shore are known as beaches to surf at because the waves can get BIG at these spots, and the current can be strong. If you’re a first-time surfer I’d suggest a place like Waikiki because of the mediocre waves and plentiful supply of board rentals.

Also, if you’re going to visit the North Shore you definitely have to stop by in Haleiwa and visit the shops there. A little shop called Matsumoto’s has the best shaved ice!

The vibrant green areas of Hawai’i include the popular hiking trails like Koko Head, Diamond Head Crater, Manoa Falls, and Roundtop (though it’s not a hiking trail). Diamond Head Crater and Manoa Falls are easy-medium difficulty to hike, and they have the most beautiful sights. What more could a tourist ask for, right?

On the other hand, Koko Head is probably the most grueling hike I’ve ever experienced (though it may be due to the part that I don’t exercise daily). I personally don’t think it’s much of a trail, it’s more like a staircase up a high mountain. The “staircase” is actually an old set of train tracks that are mounted in to the ground and have been partially filled with dirt in between the tracks. The first 300-400 steps are pretty easy, but as you get higher and closer to the 1048th step (or is it 1100 steps? Guess you have to find out yourself!) it gets steeper and harder on your knees. Of course reaching the top is all worth it for the site you get to see.

You’ll be able to see most of Hawaii Kai from the top of Koko Head. And don’t worry, there’s a beautiful breeze to cool you down up there!

These beautiful destinations are definitely worth the time to find and travel to while you visit Hawaii. Though there are probably a lot of street names and places that will be hard to pronounce for all the non-locals (try saying Kalanianaole five times fast! And don’t pronounce Like Like Highway how it’s spelled, it’s pronounced “Leek-eh Leek-eh”) finding your way around Hawaii is no biggie, I mean how can you get lost on such a small island? Upon your visit to Hawaii you’ll understand why it’s called Hawai’i Nei (Beloved Hawaii).

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  1. gaabi
    gaabi ·

    I love hawaii! beautiful photos

  2. natalieerachel
    natalieerachel ·


    I also hate Koko head hahaha

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