Self-portraiture Basics for Virginal Camwhores


I’ve never been keen on taking pics of myself with digital cameras. Maybe because I’m not as vain, or because I know the results would always be the same flat boring image. Besides, my friends are always around with their digicams to include me in the pictures. But with the different cameras, effects and even just the characteristic quality of film, I decided I want to get in, my face that is, with the fun.

The very basic method of taking self-portraits is to hold your camera out and point it at yourself. Usually, you stretch your arm as far out as possible so that your face will be able to fit in the frame. If you are concerned with the focusing distance, it’s good to know that the average arm’s length is between 0.6 to 0.7 meters. To veer away from the ordinary self-portrait, I combined this method with the use of my Disderi Robot 3 camera. I guess you could say 3 heads are better than one?

As you can see, there is a major drawback to the first method. My face has occupied almost of all of the entire freaking frame! What if say, you want to capture more than just your face? Maybe you’re travelling with the lack of a travel buddy to take your picture? You couldn’t well commemorate your trip if your pic only shows your face, right?

This is where the fisheye and panoramic cameras come in to play. The wider angle these cameras can capture means that you can capture a lot more than just your face.

If you hold the fisheye camera really close to your face, you’ll get a nicely distorted and unique self-portrait. Hold it at arm’s length, and you get a relatively normal pic of yourself with a distorted environment. Nice!

With these wide-angle cams, you can even get your friends in for a group shot that includes everybody. Never be left out again!

The best self-portrait lomo camera around is the Spinner 360. The camera captures literally everything around it and guess what? That includes you! Perfect for that lack of a travel buddy situation. I have yet to acquire this camera (I’m still just dreaming about it). But you could head over to the techniques page of the Spinner 360 microsite ( to see the many different styles of self-portraits you can get! 7 out of the 10 techniques would help you churn out awesome self-portraits.

If you’re a little bit more finicky than the average joe, you’d notice that there’s another drawback to this method. You’d almost always have your arm stretched out in front. If you don’t like this getting in your frame, might I suggest the use of a self-timer or a cable release. Get far enough from the camera, or get a long enough cable, and you could afford yourself a head to toe self-portrait. But it might be easier to just have a friend take your picture.

Another self-portrait method is to stand in front of a mirror and just snap at your reflection. Be careful with the flash. It might reflect too much light and eat up a good part of your frame. If you’re extra finicky you might say, “But the camera’s in the frame!” I tell you, give your cameras a little credit! Who wouldn’t want a picture with these awesome cameras? :)

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