Art Stage Singapore Exhibition 2011

The recently concluded Art Stage Singapore Exhibition 2011 hosted several top art galleries from around the world. Some of the best in Asian contemporary art were showcased and works by upcoming artist were also featured.

The exhibition was held from 12- 16 January 2011 at Marina Bay Sands. With art work filling up 3 exhibition halls, there were thousands of art pieces on displayed. Majority of the galleries were from the Asia Pacific region and the rest from international galleries. Upon entry, I was pleasantly surprised to see a huge KAWS companion figure fronting the reception. However, that’s the only piece by KAWS on displayed. The whole exhibition was an eye feast for art lovers and I spend half a day just to browse through all the exhibits. Below are some art pieces that caught my attention.

One of the most massive installations in the exhibition by Ai Wei Wei. Installation comprises of Qing dynasty tables and pillars from that era.
Procession by Paresh Maity. Gigantic ants with head lamps.
World of thousands glass bottle art by Liu Zhuo Quan
Sushi Truck by Paramodel
Giant sculpture of chillies by Kumari Nahappan
Love is the air by Carlos Aires. If you look closely, each individual piece is unique and cut from vinyl record.

Given the huge success, I do hope this exhibition can be made into an annual event in Singapore. With a balance of established and young galleries, local and regional artists have the opportunities to showcase their work to a wider audience. In turns, it also benefits art lovers and collectors from around the world.

Art Stage Singapore website

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