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Turn on your computer. Check your inbox, social network, synchronize your phone. Rub your aching eyes and wonder why you communicate all day every day without really talking to anybody. Wake up! It doesn’t have to be this way – Leave that digital grind behind and embrace Lomography’s 10 Prophecies of the Analogue Future! Join our biggest rumble ever, find out how to get the posters or place an order in the Shop to get some free Posters and enjoy time travelling film prices in your analogue life!

Our Biggest Rumble Ever!

Ladies and gentlemen, get ready for the biggest Lomography Rumble EVER!! To celebrate the new dawn of the analogue age, we’re giving 3 people the chance to take the trip of a lifetime and visit the Lomography headquarters in Vienna!

Here’s what you’ve got to do for a chance to win:

(1) Get one of our Future is Analogue posters or stickers
(2) Paste it anywhere you want, the more creative the better* — Just take care not to vandalise anything, that would NOT be cool.
(3) Take an analogue photo of your poster/sticker in situ.
(4) Upload the photo to the rumble page

It’s as easy as that! We’re going to pick 3 winners for this huge prize (1 Winner from North and South America, 1 Winner from Europe and Africa, 1 Winner from Asia and the Rest of the World). The winners will be chosen based on the quality and novelty of their photo, so get thinking!

If you win, we’ll give you a round trip flight to Vienna and 3 nights’ accommodation in a hotel. You will also be visiting our Head Quarters to get a glimpse of where the magic happens! How cool is that?

Head to the Rumble Page for full competition details – The rumble end date is 15th April so get submitting!

*Lomography does not encourage vandalism or damage to private or public property. Please make sure that the hanging of posters and stickers does not infringe Local Laws and Rights. Lomography assumes no liability for damage on any legal basis. By participating in this competition, you completely indemnify Lomography.

How Do I Get the Posters?

(1) Place an order in the Online Shop and we’ll send you some for free


(2) Pick them up from one of our Gallery Stores

Time-Travelling Film Prices

For a week only, we’re rolling back film prices to give you a glimpse of what came before. Check our Shop News section for a coupon code and pay the price your parents and grandparents paid for a special film every day. Please note: Offer valid until 3rd March 2011. Enter your coupon code at Checkout.

Need even more reasons to love film? Read our 35 here.

Want to experiment with some different films? Get the low-down on a whole bunch of exciting film types in our first instalment of the Film Bible.

The Analogue Life

Want to reduce your daily digital grind? Find out how here. – Then you can be as happy as Epicurus!

We want you to go completely analogue for a day and write a Blog post about your experiences. Piggies for the best post, head to the Analogue for a Day’ Rumble page for full details!

Be kind the analogue way — Read our 20 Acts of Analogue Kindness.

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    @Everyone - Everyone who enters the 'Shoot Your Prophecy' Rumble will get 5 Piggies!

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