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There are many ways to discover London. The fastest one for sure is the London Underground or the Tube.
On top of being the oldest underground railway in the world, it serves 270 stations and 402 kilometres of track, making it the second longest metro system in the world (after the Shanghai Metro). Impressive! I’m fascinated by the signs…

Then you have the big red ones – the buses, or to be more specific, the double-decker buses. These are more touristy but you have to go for a ride, and enjoy the great view. At least for one time!

The real touristy ones – haha, I so had to laugh when I saw this.

The most comfortable way to discover London is by cab. Not only comfy but very expensive too. Maybe you should make use of it only for short trips. ;) But I just love the classy look of the cabs!

But in the end: The real lomographer is doing everything by foot!

written by spoeker on 2011-03-03 #places #location #travel-tips #lcg-transport-public-people-bus-red-cab-tube-underground-london-city-feet-tourist

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