One Hour Photo Lab in Utrecht

Need your negatives quickly? Come to Hema in Utrecht!

Photo by tsjort

My photolab is normally in Germany and I already wrote a review about it. But being in Utrecht, the Netherlands, so often nowerdays I needed to find a lab here. Everybody I asked had one tip: HEMA.
HEMA is a big chain here in Netherlands and a friend told me something like “you have not been to holland if you did not eat a rookworstje at HEMA”. I tried that before I tried the photolab and was convinced. So I went there and had a funny dialogue with a nice woman working there.
- Hey, how much is the one hour process?
- 2,95€
-and do you do cross process, too?
- yes
- and how much is that
- only black and white takes longer and is more expensive
- and do you do E6, too?
and push and pull?
so it is 2,95 for C41 and it is done withion an hour?!?
- yes
- and can you develop medium format films?
- and how much is that
- (laughing) 2,95€

so I went there… again and again! When I tried the ‘color your spinner tipster’, I gave my photos there and the man working there told me that something weird must have happened.

If you want your negatives quick – go to HEMA in Utrecht. Not every HEMA has the one hour photo service, so why not combining it with a lomo walk in the city?

For more information please look here – Steenweg 59, Utrecht – 030 2312507

written by mephisto19 on 2011-04-26 #lifestyle #netherlands #dutch #hema-utrecht-photolab-lab-one-hour


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