Easy Vintage Effect


Some days ago, I’ve scanned some negatives which were in a pergamyne cover, and the effect looks, upon closer examination, very interesting that I decided to tell you about it.

I wanted to make a digital copy of a medium format film, but I was running out of transparent plastic foils. That’s why I simply cut the film and put it into a pergamyne cover. That’s not that exciting so far, I know!

However, I then put the negatives (together with the pergamyne cover) into the scanner and scanned them.
The scanned pictures get very flat and lose, depending on the negative, some details. The whole thing looks as if there was thin fog on the pictures, which makes on closer examination some photo details become even clearer. Like a tree in front of a thick fog bank- the focus is on the tree because of the thick fog, but it’s another focus somehow.

That’s it! There’s basically nothing else to say concerning this topic. The bigger the negative, the less the loss of details. It will be more critical regarding 35mm format; there will be quite a loss of details, but it’s best to just try out. It’s certainly not one of the most creative possibilities of “editing” negatives, but it might come in quite handy sometimes…

written by co on 2011-03-19 #gear #tutorials #old #vintage #fake #tipster #scan #old-school
translated by erdnusskeks


  1. solaray
    solaray ·

    Looks great

  2. breakphreak
    breakphreak ·

    some are great

  3. dianalerias
    dianalerias ·

    very clever! gives off a nice effect, specially on b&w.

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