A day out with Lomography


Take a trip with Lomography and follow our step-by-step guide for a day of photographic fun!

Credits: moonswallow

Stock up on some film, polish up your favorite Lomo camera, and let’s get going!

What you will need:
1. One – or more – cameras
2. Loads of film
3. An open heart and a quick thinking mind

If you cannot fulfill any of the steps precisely as they have been described here – don’t worry. Consider them as guidelines, just there to give you a rough idea. You can play around with the general concept!

Step One
The first thing I want you to accept is that you have no idea what is going to happen today. Fully embrace this as a fact. Accept that you will have to go along with it, and will, till the end!

Step Two
Prepare the necessary tools (see list above). Dress up wearing something you would normally never wear because it is: outrageous, “not you”, too fancy, too simple, too whatever. Try and feel comfortable and have fun with this.

Step Three
Leave your house and go into the opposite direction of where you would usually go. Flip a coin, heads = go left, tails = go right!

Step Four
Catch the closest mode of transportation… basically anything that can move you somewhere relatively quickly.

Credits: antibiotyx

Step Five
Make a self-portrait – remember play with this and try to put some effort into making it interesting – it does not even necessarily need to feature your face!

Credits: quaisoir

Step Six
Check out a LomoLocation in your area which you have not been to yet. Make pictures.

Credits: noise

Step Seven
Climb a tree, if there are no trees around then just a pole or anything really, gain some leverage to experience a new angle and vantage point. Make pictures from this new perspective. And of course: Be careful! If you do not feel safe or comfortable doing this, please just leave it out!

Credits: neonriot

Step Eight
Make a picture of a stranger with their consent. See this useful tip from ‘eyecon’ – make small cards before hand to warm people to the thought of having their picture taken by a stranger.

Credits: orangewithgreen

Step Nine
Try out one of the amazing Tipsters , there is sure to be AT LEAST ONE that tickles your fancy. For example, try creating a surreal water dream or maybe even a lovely moon pie!


Step Ten
Beautify your city. Add something to your environment that hasn’t been approved by any kind of bureaucratical system and which isn’t advertising. The experience of walking through a city, town or countryside can often be a made more interesting or fun for people when they spot some guerilla art created by others. You could for example hang up one of your favorite Lomographs that you have made. Try to inspire, or at least bring a smile to someones face. Let your creativity go with this one!

Credits: thegroundabove

Step 11
Ask a stranger to draw a picture of you. Be persuasive – think of any excuse that you think will convince them to actually do it, invent that you are doing this as part of a school project, experiment or simply “research”. Photograph the artist at work, then create a multiple exposure of the drawn result and the subject (yourself).

Credits: vtayeh

Step 12
Do something (stereo)typical for the area that you are in (especially if you normally never would). Dwell in the culture of where you are, and learn to appreciate it! Behaving like a kind of tourist can sometimes be a fun experience if you are a native! Dont forget constantly shooting pictures is an intrinsic part of playing the role of a tourist, snap away!

Credits: gregorywhite

Step 13
Prepare a roll of Tipster film to test. (This has to be prepared beforehand!) Try out this tangy, zesty and easy lemon aid tipster!

Step 14
Go into a factory, retailer, office or any kind of ‘public/working place’ and say you are working on a documentary and would like to have a tour. If they admit you, be prepared to deliver a quality act as a researcher, and get some behind the scenes footage!

Credits: clarap

Step 15
Go to a park or any place where there are a lot of people hanging out. Take out your piece of chalk and write on the floor: Follow the arrows for a big surprise! Draw a bunch of arrows around the whole place. Stick around to see how many people take your ‘tour’. Make photographs of the people who make it to the end of the arrow hunt.

Credits: quaisoir

Step 16
Sit down on the street next to someone who is trying to gather money from people. Help him with what he’s doing! Photograph the people in their act of giving/ or ignoring.

Credits: dorotanvotova

Step 17
Sit by some flowers and make a daisy chain, build a birds nest, or if you have enough time and enthusiasm a whole fortress. If its winter make a snow man, snow fort, snow angels etc. adapt this depending on your location/climate. Photography the beginning middle and complete phases of your ‘building’.

Credits: mandashitley
Credits: mandashitley

Step 18
Etch your initials into a tree and make a multiple exposure of your etching and then your face.

Credits: holgafot

Step 19
Make some paper airplanes. Write a quote, idea, memory, anything you want on it and throw it into a crowd of people. Watch to see the reaction of people who read it. Photograph your airplanes in flight.

Credits: vtayeh

Step 20
Try your hand at guerrilla gardening. That boring patch of grass on your street? Beautify it by sneaking in some sunflowers! Guerrilla gardening is an underground urban movement to take back the little green spaces most people ignore. Photograph yourself as a green-thumb gardener.

When you get back home, exhausted and feeling thrilled by the day you have just spent, dont forget to come back to us with your stories and pictures! Just post directly beneath in the comments box or add a link!
We look forward to hearing about what you got up to!

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