A Lomo Safari - Home of the Big Five: Crocodile Gate to Malelane Gate

Welcome to the home of the Big Five – Kruger National Park. One of Africa’s largest game reserves, it borders 3 countries and is home to a wide variety of plants, birds, reptiles, and mammals.

I recently went on a short visit to the Kruger National park. I stayed at the Mjejane River Lodge, within the Mjejane Reserve that will soon be joined to the Kruger Park. We went for a small drive through the Mjejane reserve the day we arrived and saw elephants, zebra, wildebeest and warthog. As we approached the lodge we were welcomed by a troop of baboons and as the sun began to set we were treated with an African thunder storm that streaked the sky with purple flashes. After an early evening we got up at 6 and headed for the Crocodile Gate (one of the nine entrance gates into Kruger) We stopped at the shop near the entrance to get a map, some snacks for the drive, and some coffees.

Within 5 minutes of a drive we came across a kill that had happened a while before and was now surrounded by hyenas and vultures, this was the first excitement for the day. When in doubt follow the vultures for some action! As we continued just a little further we spotted a lone rhino having a graze. We drove at a slow pace and saw Buffalo, Impala, Waterbuck, even some dung beetles hard at work. We went to a viewing point known for spotting hippos and were able to get out of the car and escorted up to the rocks by a game ranger. We did indeed see hippos as well as a baby crocodile and some brightly coloured lizards. There are also some cave paintings on the rocks which were interesting to see.

The park is very green, lush, and hot at this time of year which is said to be harder for animal spotting however we had no problems. If you are coming to visit this part of the world, make sure you come for a few days, bring those binoculars with you and prepare to be excited and amazed.

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