Soundtrack for My Analogue Life

I have always been a huge music fan, from Pop to Indie and from Rock to Jazz. This month Lomography requested we wrote an arcticle about our “analogue life soundtrack” and I thought this is a great idea, so being both a music and analogue photography fan, I decided I would write it. So here it goes.

When I take a Lomowalk there is always music in my head. I cannot operate without a daily dose of good music. Lately it has been britpop and indie like Arctic Monkeys or Modern Jazz like Jimmy Smith. These are 5 songs I recommend to any Lomographer that is also a music lover.

1. Arctic Monkeys – Fluorescent Adolescent
I have to say this is one of my favourite songs of all time. Arctic Monkeys are a great band anyone should listen to. Listen to the twin guitars coming together in the background. For me it is pure magic. Listen to how the drums and the bass cooperate. And on top of all that Alex Turner’s british accent. It is only a few years old but for me it is already one hell of a classic.
In: Favourite Worst Nightmare

2. Jimmy Smith – Soft Winds
It is hard to write about this song. Jimmy Smith is an organ magician and Kenny Burrel’s guitar solo just makes it that much better. Modern Jazz is not hard to like. Its speedy rhythms are extremely contagious. This can make any walk through the city a hundred time cooler, even more when you’re shooting.
In: Jimmy Smith Trio with Lou Donaldson

3. Jamie T – Chaka Demus
There is not one Jamie T song I dislike. Sure, there are a few better ones and a few worse ones, but I can listen to all of them and not get tired. I had the chance to see him live and it is even better. Very energetic and motivating. Great for that rainy day when you’re feeling down and feel like staying at home, this will get you wanting to go out and shoot some film.
In: Kings and Queens

4. The Enemy – Away From Here
A great song from another great British act. I do not know The Enemy’s work too well, but the part that I have heard is great. This was recommended by a friend and I listen to it regularly now. It is similar to other Britpop acts but you can hear some influence from mod Revival bands like The Jam.
In: We’ll Live and Die in These Towns

5. The Coral – Dreaming Of You
This is just awesome music – the choir and the organ, the guitar, the bass, all of it is awesome and together it makes a great song. The video is also awesome. If you don’t know The Coral, check them out. They are a great band, I believe they still play nowadays. Another song I suggest you add to your Lomowalk playlist, good music for those days when the sky is grey.
In: The Coral

And that’s it. I hope you like these songs, I know I love them.

written by migasaguiar on 2011-05-22 #music #lifestyle #analogue #sounds #lomo #soundtrack

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