Kasbah district in Marrakech, a place which seemed to have resisted change that comes with time. However, the main reason why we went to this area was the Hammam. It was my birthday so I decided a visit to a spa would be nice.

I chose Les Bains De L’Alhambra on derb. Rahal 9 because their website accepts online bookings without prepaying the deposit. Out of the many services they provide, we went for the Duo Relax: traditional Moroccan hammam peeling with black soap (made with olives), mask flavored with seven plants, petal foot bath and a quick foot massage + an hour of relaxing massage. The price for the whole deal was 550dh (about 55£ or 60 euros). You can choose a stimulating massage as well. Unfortunately, I couldn’t take any picture during the procedures, but trust me – it was quite enjoyable. www.lesbainsdelalhambra.com/

So, before disappearing in the dark and humid Hammam, we walked around the Kasbah area. We asked our taxi driver to stop by the Kasbah Mosques and wondered around looking for the address we needed. Obviously, we couldn’t find it ourselves, even with all the maps, iPhone, and HTC, so I asked a “Tom Tom” boy to help us. Local boys know everything and are happy to help you – for a small fee of course (4dh in this case).
Oh, I wish I can also charge everyone here in London who asks for direction.

You can’t go inside the mosque, but you can visit the Saadian Tombs (entry is 10dh). One of the sultans- Ahmed el-Mansur – decided to die there and spent his last months in this mausoleum. The decor is striking: Carrera marble, gold, pillars…Moroccan art at its best (sorry, it was too dark to photograph).There is a garden as well where loyal servants and wives are buried.

The streets of Kasbah are a little bit wider than in Central Souqs, but they are both quite similar in essence. Kasbah also has its spice souq – a real treat for the nostrils and, local vendors recognize the Lomo Kompakt camera! I was very surprised. Furan is another hot point. Really hot, because Furan is a communal bread oven. People who can’t bake their bread at home come here. If you are into affordable meat dishes – Kasbah is the place for you. The air is full of fried meat smells, too much for vegetarians I must say, but my brother was very happy to try these enormous sized dishes.

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