Diana F+ Amigos Mono & Nikitaman

Mono & Nikitaman, well known for fantastic sound mixed up with critical lyrics were absolutely happy when we asked them if they would like to become the first German Diana F+ Lomo Amigos.

Name: Mono & Nikitaman
Location: always on the run
Country: Austria / Germany

First of all, thanks a lot! We are curious, did you like it?

You are welcome! Yeah, it was absolutely fun! In the beginning it was really hard to switch from digital to analogue. Instead of digital where you just set everything to automatic, the Diana way of shooting is much more exciting!

Was this your first contact with Lomography or did you have earlier experiences? (Maybe the Action Sampler in the 90s?)

I have a lot of friends, who always try to dig some Lomo Cams on fleamarkets. The results from this cams, mostly in Medium Format, always turn out great. Myself (Mono), I never shot with them before.

To which events, parties or places did you take the cameras? Where did you shoot mostly? Could you describe the pics from your gallery briefly?

We took the cams with us on tour all the time or shot at festivals but when you are busy with playing on stage you can’t shoot at the same time. Which means, the most exciting pics are not on film because we are too busy playing the gig.

Did you experience some funny reactions when friends or fans saw the cameras? Something that you would like to share with us?

The Diana F+ is such an eyecatcher, there was always positive feedback from a lot of people….

What was your biggest discovery? Want to share some tips for future Diana F+ owners?

You have to use the cam a lot and you learn more every time you use it….. Now, since I saw the results, I already learned a lot.

Analogue vs. Digital?

You can’t compare! I miss the grain and the dirty style in digital….
I mean, for sure digital is faster and cheap but you can’t fake the quality of an analogue shot, even if you use Plug Ins or filter….

What’s the soundtrack of your gallery?

“Kann ja mal passieren”….. (it can happen….).
Some shots are double- or even multiexposures, some of them more or less accidently. :)

Back to Mono & Nikitaman, what are your plans? New album? Interesting side projects? Anything else?

We just finished the summerfestival season! That was a lot of fun but now we will go back to the studio and concentrate on new songs.

More about Mono & Nikitaman on their Homepage or Myspace page

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