Taking a Walk Back in Time


There are many parts of Delhi – the city which has been built over and over; new structures above the older ruins. And with every new emperor, Delhi continues to change in a way, while still keeping its spirit alive.

Delhi is the city of the dead. Not because there are too many people dying in Delhi but because its been through so many wars and because traditionally the Mughal Empire has built over the old empires, burring the older and constructing the new.

Later on with the British arriving in India, they took hold of the Delhi Cantonment for the military and created a new location of their executive officers, specially designed by the British architect Edward Lutyan. What got ignored is the old, true Delhi with treasures of the fallen Mughal Empire.

Old Delhi is made up of thin roads and small tiny streets which lead into shops which only sell wholesale material. So its always seeing business, may it be the daytime or the middle of the night, every place is always abuzz, porters picking up material and loading them into the trucks, people negotiating and bargaining for discounts and children running up and down from the Majids or Guudwara’s.

It’s an amazing place to shoot, so many people and so much activity on so many levels, different layers merging to create chaotic music, activity seeming random at first but never colliding. Old Delhi is one of the best places to be if you’re visiting Delhi.

Take the train from any station for “Chandni Chowk”, usually that’s the best way to go, would cost you about 1 to 1.5$(USD). If you can’t get to a metro station, simply take a Auto Rickshaw to the same place, would cost you about 5$.

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  1. luciemarie
    luciemarie ·

    I'm going to Delhi in 2 days, it's great to read about it on the site! I'm taking my Diana ;)

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