The One-Photo-Development

Lomohead Erk tells you how to develop one single photo without wasting film and chemicals!

As I was trying out different things while developing my photos on my own recently, it became utterly annoying when the complete roll of film turned useless during the process. At the same time, filling the whole processing tank with developer chemicals for just one single test photo would be sheer waste.

On my search for a solution, the many accumulated empty film cans catched my eye. „Hm… this could work“. So I went to my darkroom straight away, stuck a piece of film in my Holga, turned on the light, took a photo, turned the light out again, and developed the photo in the small film can. Unfortunately it’s a bit inconvenient to fill up the can as you have to do it in complete darkness but it’s still manageable. Since the film is pushed towards the can, the negative is likely to get some scratches, but I don’t conceive this as a bother.

With a dilution of 1+25 you will need just about 1ml of developer.

written by erk on 2011-03-17 #gear #tutorials #film #developing #lab-rat #tipster #development #darkroom #processing #film-processing
translated by fakingsleep

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