Hey Ho...Lomolitos!

My girlfriend Jo bought me a Lomolito with a red flash about four months ago. Wow, i was impressed at once! Its small, cool and cheap.

This amazing little wonder is good to use day or night. On a sunny day, objects are a gorgeous shade of pink! And in night shots, a scary deep red. Only thing to watch at night is that the flash won’t be a bright as usual, so make sure your choosen subject is close to you, to make sure you capture that great picture.

I would recommend this camera to anyone, especially lomographers who like to experiment, or don’t want to risk damaging an expensive camera in a risky situation! The fab film and lense capture all subjects sharply and quickly, so you will never miss that great shot…if you are fast enough.
The shots you get, depending on how close you are to the subject, range from sexy reds to glowing pinks. Use this simple camera day, or night for fab results…and thats not all! Once you have shot your 24 mini masterpieces, you can simply remove the used film and replace it with any other 35mm film…how ace is that! Just make sure to read the instructions that come with your Lomolito and then go and paint the town red! Also available in green, blue and yellow.


written by lomat on 2008-10-25 #gear #red #review #reds #flash #lomolitos #colorsplash-flash

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