My Husband, My Support

He is not a Lomographer really but he does, however, form the support I need to keep dabbling in my hobby.

My husband and I have been married 5 years on Valentine’s Day. He has been a rock of support in my life since we met 8 years ago. Although not a lomographer himself, he sources cameras for me at op shops, he finds film prives and even haggles to get me the supplies I need much much cheaper.

Every women needs a guy like this. When I was too sick to walk about in Alice springs and was waiting in the chemists, he walked to the nearest photo shop and got prices of medium format film and development. He found a place in Broken Hill where we discovered some lomographers (I’ll have to do an article on them too) and he even sourced batteries to get some $2 camera I got fro the op shop to make it work. He fixes some of the broken ones to make them go, at least for one more roll.

I think he has taken a liking to the spinner 360 so there is hope for him yet.

Credits: woosang

David, thank you for supporting my odd hobbies and my collection old russian cameras. Never change. xoxox

written by woosang on 2011-06-19 #lifestyle #husband #support #partner #australian #fixer #lomo-people

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