LomoPeople: JimmyEgg.


He’s a cute, chubby guy with fair skin, wears nerdy spectacles, soft spoken and smiles all the time.

His name is Jimmy Tan where his surname ‘Tan’ sounds like ‘egg’ in Chinese, so he named himself as JimmyEgg (几米蛋 ). He’s a t-shirt designer, an illustration artist and he loves photography as well. He’s my greatest motivator, his patience and passion of his work and his life had influences me a lot.

I took this portrait of him during a trip to Penang Island, Malaysia. We had this cut out smiley face which looks like an egg wearing nerdy specs which is so reminiscent of Jimmy the Egg. He is a very optimistic guy, and he smiles all the time. I still remember he once brought me a ‘smiley-face’ kite when I was so deeply depressed to cheer me up a lil’. Since then, ‘Yellow-Smiley-Face’ reminds me of him and his smile. :)

Ever since he came into my life, he brought me lots of happiness and laughter. He’s not a great talker, but he never failed to squeeze in some lame jokes to cheer me up. Just like how the smiley face looks like, his smiling face always manages to make me happy.


written by eva_eva on 2011-03-03 #lifestyle #smile #malaysia #cute #smiley-face #egg #designer #evaeva #chubby #lomo-people #jimmy-egg


  1. willyboy
    willyboy ·

    How this got precedence over my Lomopeople article I'll never know.

  2. jimmyegg
    jimmyegg ·

    Lovely eva ^^.

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