Fuji 200 with the LC-A+ RL


FujiFilm 200 is the most common film in my area. So much so that it is hard to find any other brand with out having to hit up several stores. But is it a film to avoid because of how common it is? Come see how it performs with my LOMO LC-A+ RL.

As a member of this community I get the chance to see in action all the exciting films everyone shoots and had developed or cross processed. But I shoot a lot of plain ordinary Fuji 200. You know, that really cheap and inexpensive film you find in every drug store and grocery store as it gathers dust next to the Fuji 800. Because off its availability I’ve shot a lot of pictures with it so I fell it is time to offer up a review.

Green. When shooting Fuji 200 at any sort of scene dominated with green such as grass, plants and trees you can expect that very typical look from the Fuji 200. The greens come out a bit over saturated but in that restrained and controlled way you’d imagine from Fuji. Even with the Russian lens of my little LC-A+ the look is exactly what you might expect. However, you can change that very easily by isolating the green by surrounding it with another color. Another option is to shoot green under something other than sunlight.

Yellows and reds can give very nice results results when you manage to isolate those colors. When mixed in a scene they can get lost or over powered by the greens and blues. Alone they really pop out and almost look vintage or xpro minus the color shifts.

Indoor, mixed and harsh lighting is often when you can get the most exciting images especially in the LC-A+. Colors of all hues can come out in two extremes. Some will be very vivid such as warm tones shot at night. Others will come out muted and almost vintage looking in harsh sunlight. While an over exposed image might come out totally flat a properly exposed image can be very rewarding. I try to look for scenes with very primary and simple colors like red, white, blue and yellow.

written by rav_bunneh on 2011-05-24 #gear #film #review #lomography #user-review #fuji-fujifilm-200

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  1. mintandcoke
    mintandcoke ·

    I kind of love this film, I am Fuji-lover, you might say. :D I think it delivers best colors than Kodak (in average) and KlickMax for a very reasonable price. If you're not looking for anything "striking" such as xpro modes, that's the best choice, IMHO.

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