Take a Turn into the Desert - Oman

Rich shades let the mountains look different every moment. Our navigation system says we’re in the middle of nowhere and the unfamiliar quietness won’t let us doubt that it is right.

Actually Oman is quite easy to travel by car. Wide Highways are criss-crossing the whole Sultanate. But take a turn left twice and you´ll find yourself on rocky tarmacs surrounded by rugged mountains. Merely the power lines and groups of goats are indicating that there must be human life in these valleys – so we could experience one of these extremely rare cases of total silence!

Credits: somapic

Looking for a far off Wadi (temporarily dried out riverbed) we must have gone astray – who cares – just follow your nose. There was a lot to discover although there was not much at first sight.

Credits: somapic

Thanks for the ride!

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