Royal Tyrrell Museum, Drumheller, Alberta


Drumheller, Alberta has been a haven for dinosaur lovers for decades. Sooner or later they all end up at the world class paleontology centre, the Royal Tyrrell Museum.

Six kilometres up the Red Deer River from Drumheller, through the scenic badlands, lies the complex of museum, educational centre, research facility, and walking trails that make up Canada’s most popular paleontology destination, and possibly the largest display of dinosaurs in the world.

We started our most recent visit with an educational program for the kids that included casting our own fossils! We poured moulds for a shark tooth and raptor claw, and then gave them time to dry while listening to one of the museum staff give a paleontology talk.

We proceeded from the classroom to the main exhibits, which include much of the more than 130,000 fossils that the museum is responsible for. Walking in and around the full-sized dinosaur skeletons in room after room. One of the most exciting rooms is the “Dinosaur Hall” which hosts more than 3 dozen skeletons, including a Tyrannosaurus Rex!

The museum includes all the facilities you could want for a full day or two of visiting; a huge gift shop, a cafeteria and theatre, and guided and self-guided tours of the surrounding badlands.

Don’t miss out on climbing the hill across from the main entrance before you leave – the view is great! :)
Open seven days a week in the spring and summer, closed Mondays in the fall and winter.

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  1. stouf
    stouf ·

    Aaarrghh I regret so much I didn't go there while I was in Canada... My fiance was telling me about it... Well, I feel a bit better now that I have your perfect lomolocation to check it out. : )

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