I Simply Love to Eat!


EAT is really vital for us to keep on going in our everyday life. So like others, I love to eat too. So what are your favourite food and what are mine? Everybody got their own choices and taste but we share the same love towards the food. The smell , the taste , the colour – suddenly we are occupied on one thing , self centered on the food and nothing else but the food.

I just love to eat because they prevent me from getting hungry all day long XD However my eat schedule is not fixed , i had breakfast , branch , lunch , dinner and maybe heavy supper. yeah I know one day I might become a very fat person but i can’t keep myself from eating. Damn , i really love to stop eating for just one day but i couldn’t help myself from doing so. My stomach ache a lot and i have to rush to get some food.

Food have become the essence of our life , we can’t live without food as they provide lots of things that our body needs. In our country there are lots of rare and exotic food such as fried noodles , fried rice, sate and etc. most of them are friend and spicy. Please do not be shocked if you find similarity between our food and others because we are a multi racial country.

I can get food from lot’s of place such as restaurant , hawkers stalls and etc. Some doubt the cleanliness of hawkers stall but still some hawkers stall’s food taste better than expensive one from the restaurant. Plus , they are cost efficient too. Our food are variety , depending on race and place of origin. For me that’s the best thing about my country’s food. Char Kuey Teow , Laksa , Sate , etc , you name it…

Eat , eat and eat. it’s something i simply can’t resist

written by analogmonolog on 2011-05-20 #lifestyle #analogue #eat #happy #life #leisure-time #enjoy #commitment #healthy #well-balanced


  1. pomps
    pomps ·

    I totally agree, I love eating! and I love to taste new flavors! that's of the best parts about life!

  2. analogmonolog
    analogmonolog ·

    couldn't agree any less :P

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