Let's Fall in Love with Negative Films!


I got into Lomography as I was attracted by the saturated colors of cross-processed slides. But after a while, I began to appreciate negative films as well.

When I didn’t have an analogue camera yet, I always wished that I can take photos with “FEEL” like those on the web and the magazines. After I bought my Miss Diana, I immediately spammed one roll of negative film. Needless to say, Diana owners will know how my photos generally turn out.

Slowly, my friends advised me to shoot with slides and then “x-pro” them. Once I bought an LC-A+, I started to spam again. The landscape shots turned out to be too predictable for my taste, so I switched to portraits. But when I showed the x-pro’ed shots to my friends, they would ask, "Since when did I have a “Simpson” (yellow) face? I never really knew how to respond. Although not every slide will produce yellow color shifts, most x-pro’ed slides result in varying degrees of color shifts.

In the end, it was back to basics by using negative films for me. I began experimenting with different negatives.

Most of my shots produce a soft effect. Under sunlight, faces appear dreamy and slightly whitish.

Sometimes, the color tone is more vibrant and slightly less saturated. But the crucial point, though, is that the lines are clean and clear, which is ideal for shooting landscape and portraits.

Whenever there’s an activity where I need to shoot people, my negative films will always be handy in my pockets!

written by sarabbit on 2011-06-30 #lifestyle #negative-film #lomography #portraits #diana #color-shifts #lc-a #cross-processing #analogue-lifestyle
translated by coolsigg


  1. rdp_ribeirense
    rdp_ribeirense ·

    Thanks I needed to read an article like this, I've been using negatives only and wondering if to go cross-processing with slides but can't find a lab who'd do this, after reading your article it seems sticking with negative isn't bad at all with the points you've given! Thanks! :)

  2. faridiqbal
    faridiqbal ·

    yeah...lets start turn to the basic.. use negative film..

  3. sarabbit
    sarabbit ·

    Thanks @rdp_ribeirense and @faridiqbal 's kindly comments:) And thanks @coolsigg 's translate! :)
    cross-processing is popular in Hong Kong. But Keep on simple and I started to love negative film ! And I am waiting for my first roll of E-6 slide processing now!! So exciting:)

  4. trinketsoflove
    trinketsoflove ·

    gorgeous lomographs and i love this article. which film did you use for these?

  5. sarabbit
    sarabbit ·

    @trinketsoflove sorry I am super busy that haven't been here hundreds years! I just feel strange that my article in English version hasn't mention which films i use! The first group of photos I used Lucky 200 film (China) the second group of photos I used Efiniti UXi 200 super (Japan), hope can help you!

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