Across the Causeway - Downtown Johor Bahru, Malaysia


Johor Bahru – a city located in the southern part of Malaysia. Based on population size, it should be Malaysia’s second largest city. I already mentioned Johor Bahru in my previous article, now, what does this city that is just across the water from Singapore have to offer?

Johor Bahru is not a familiar city to most foreigners. No matter what, its reputation is not as great as Singapore just across the Straits of Johor. But this city is home to a lot of people working in Singapore. The relationship between Singapore and Johor Bahru is like Hong Kong and Shenzhen. As the hinterland of Singapore, Johor Bahru unavoidably became a big melting pot, congregating people from all over Malaysia who wants to work in Singapore. Although Johor Bahru combined different cultures from all corners of Malaysia, it still retains some uniqueness, none more obvious than in downtown Johor Bahru.

Downtown Johor Bahru is on the opposite coast of Singapore, the town’s streets are planned around the umbilical cord connecting these two cities – The Causeway. I like to walk about Dhoby Road (Malay Translation: Jalan Dhoby). This place gives me a simple and serene feel. There are old coffee shops, laundry shops, and antique shops. As you round one corner, you might be greeted with shiny new high rise offices and hotels. The sudden visual impact surprises you and hits you with even more surprises.

A mixture of old and new, this is the reason why I like to come here.

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  1. andy
    andy ·

    " .. I'm from Bangkok. It's my 1st time here in JB with my old school iconic Russian LC-A. Can't wait to snap it arround the city. "

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