Agfa Optima 500 Sensor - Back to 1973, Test with different films


Camera collection is one of characteristic in lomographer. Last year, Agfa Optima 500 Sensor (It nicknamed “Big Red Button” in Hong Kong) came to my home. Let’s go back to 1973!

Agfa Optima 500 – image source

It is enjoyable to watch the outcomes by using different types of films. After using the film camera, I found that different films suit for different scenes, such as EB3, CT100 for good weather sight view, negative films for face capture etc. I feel not enough when I just owned an L-CA+ (I also have other films cameras but I am too weak to handle the manual operation….). This is the first reason that I decided to buy one more film camera with automatic exposure. Another reason is I want to own a camera which able to set in low ISO. Therefore I can use the expired film (i.e. Fuji T64, Kodak 64T) and Lomography Redscale XR 50-200 in a low ISO setting. It is lucky that I use a lower price to buy an Agfa Optima 500 Sensor in an auction website. (Actually I heart Germany cameras :P)The details of camera can find in Camerapedia ( ). This passage I will show the effects of several types of films by using it.

Lomography Redscale XR 50-200 (Set in 50 ISO)
XR 50-200 is just like a chameleon. It shows a 1970s fading colour in normal sunny day, the colour fades heavier when the weather is cloudy. Redscale colour appears in indoor or night time. The most interesting is every photo had different colours! I love the unexpected of this film with the camera.

Lucky Black and White 100 (Set in 75 ISO)
Black and white films with Agfa Optima Sensor 500 bring us to the more aged world. However I failed to set the appropriate distance so that half of photos out of focus. :(

Kodak 64T (E TO C, Set in 50 ISO)
The famous cool tone of blue in 64T showed in the photos with thick grains. I do love this colour very much.

Fuji T64 type II (E TO C, Set in 50 ISO)
Ummmmm……….I don’t know it’s the film, camera, photo proceeding shop or my problem…. Yellow all around the photos……..

Special sharing in using aged Agfa Optima 500 Sensor
1. It is difficult to buy the PX625 battery in Hong Kong; I need to ask my friend buy it in Germany or you can find it in Ebay.
2. Because of the aged depreciation, it is easy to broken if you make a careless mistake. So please take a special care of it!
3. Remember to reset the photos counting button after you put in a new film.

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  1. nelquiero
    nelquiero ·

    Sara!! You're so amazing!!!!!! I like your Agfa film camera as well!

  2. sarabbit
    sarabbit ·

    @nelquiero haha!! I am so lazy to check here! I wanna write again :)

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