A Look Back In Time: Tunis

It is a sentimental moment looking at all these photos of Tunis. After I went to Tunis in the summer of 2010, I waited for about five months before I can have these processed in the lab. I actually just got these not long ago – after the demonstrations started.

I cannot image the situation now in Tunis. In fact I do not know much about what had happened there except for the fact that thousands or millions of people are going to the streets for demonstration. I am too terrified to look at the news.

I recalled that a few years ago (in fact, already 6 years or more), a week after I came back home from India, there was a bomb attack at the Gateway of India. I also go to Thailand every year, and I saw the tsunami happened a month after I went there – I was in Sichuen by then. After a year that I been to Sichuen, the Sichuen earthquake occurred, and I went back there during the first anniversary. I was in Thailand again last summer, when the Manila bus-hijack of HK tourists occurred.

In one second, there are full of laughter and happiness, one second later, the atmosphere is all the way round. I like Tunisia, at least my travel experience there was nice even though it may not be a famous travel spot to many people. The air is fresh, the sky is blue, and the water is amazing too. One thing that I like about Tunisia the most is the people there, friendly and helpful.

Not long before I got back my photos (also it is the first time that I decided to use Black & White), the protests happened. I bet it is a completely different set of pictures of today’s Tunis market compared to my photos. Tunis Market, similar to many of other middle eastern markets, there’s a lot to buy but also very easy to get lost. However, this time, the Tunis Market gave me an impression that is different from my past experiences to Medina, it is way more peaceful and quiet too. To me the B&W pictures do mean something, something that seems to be related to the past? But I really hope that next time when I go there again, the feeling will not change and peace will still be there.

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