Shooting from the Hip in the Sistine Chapel


While Rome's Sistine Chapel is undoubtedly one of Rome's greatest sights, the look of amazement on the people who see it are just as interesting. "No pictures!", they shouted as we entered the Sistine Chapel. One of Rome's greatest and most famous works of art, with a ceiling hand painted by Michelangelo over 4 years.

While other tourists tried to sneak pictures of the ceiling with their digital compacts, holding them conspicuously at arm's length, being a Lomographer I knew I didn't need to look though the viewfinder to get a great shot. Besides, if I wanted to look at a great photo of the painted ceiling, I'd be better off finding a high-quality photo on the internet. What I was more interested in was the look of amazement on people's faces as they gazed upwards at Michelangelo's masterpiece for the first time, mouth open, with many couples holding each other as they shared the moment.

Of course, all that beauty can just be too much for some people. While I do object to conspicuous picture taking in museums, the stealth-like abilities of the LOMO LC-A its zone-focus means never having to ask permission!

This article was written by Lomographer disasterareawith. Get your own LC-A+ in the Online Shop or Gallery Stores worldwide.

written by disasterarea on 2011-04-05 #lifestyle #italy-rome-vatican-sistine-chapel-lomo-lc-a-wide-angle-lens-people


  1. disasterarea
    disasterarea ·

    Sorry guys, it looks like something went wrong with two of the images....they can be found here

    All images were taken using a Lomo LC-A+ with wide angle lens and Lomo Iso 400 film

  2. pobega
    pobega ·

    Nice group with a great theme

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