Roma: Exploring the Beaten Path


Perhaps I am a bit snobby in my selection of place. Too snobby for my own good. I desire off-beaten paths in less visited stretches of the planet with few conveniences. Urban madness, smog and city life are too familiar for me. I’ve lived in cities and in towns.

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As a lover of all things rural, desert, beach, sticks and huts I never imagined myself heading to the ancient city of Rome for a holiday. That is until a friend of mine decided to go for her birthday. Strangely enough, I opted to join her without much hesitation.

Once I arrived, I realized I made a terrible mistake by not visiting Rome sooner. Ancient, artsy, modern, trendy, zesty and amore (I mean more), Rome has a lot to offer anyone who might think it’s NOT the place for them. Here are some of my personal Roma vacation highlights:

With only one week’s time, our plan was to take in as much of the city as possible without exhausting ourselves. For a city known to have one of the world’s greatest outdoor museums, we found this rather easy just strolling the streets near the Coliseum and the old forum. We spent a few minutes here and there imagining what the coliseum must have been like in days long ago while watching the city and other visiting tourists ponder the same thing in real-time. Equipped with my Horizon Kompakt, I was perfectly content with snapping shots of crumbling pillars and stone. I recommend Rome in red.

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Being the big tennis semi-aficionados that we are – we were able to check out the ATP Tennis Tournament on one particularly rainy day. It looked as if it were going to be an awesome tournament, but unfortunately the rain caused us to pack up our things and leave. If you’re a fan of tennis, Rome has been said to be one of the top 10 places to check out a good volley or two or three. The tournament is usually in April.

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Eating the local food is essential in any destination. Eating dessert is one of life’s sweetest moments. When asked about the best gelato in town all signs and recommendations pointed to Giolitti. It was a bit tough to locate at first, but when we finally found it we knew it was the right place. The line for gelato and other pastries was out the door! Apparently we weren’t the first or last to hear all the hype about their splendid, mouth-watering desserts.

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Was it as good as they said it would be?

It was.

Credits: adrienne-is

As for returning to Rome? Well, I’ve tossed a few pennies into the waters of the famous Trevi Fountain, so only time will tell.That’s if you can snake me out the bush somewhere. Ciao!

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  1. superlighter
    superlighter ·

    yeah! Roma in red is splendid!

  2. louwest
    louwest ·

    I've just been given a roll of redscale (Thanks @kneehigh85) for my upcoming trip to Roma. Can't wait, esp. after reading your article!

  3. mampid
    mampid ·

    Roma vista così è splendida!

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