Mixing 400 ISO with 800 ISO


I bought a Lomography 800 ISO film this winter, just to try it out. As I put it in my LC-A, I found out that the ISO settings reach to 400. I got a bit frustrated, although I still hoped that the film could come out well. And actually, it did!

The reason I bought a Lomography 800 ISO film was, that I wanted to shoot pictures in gloomy places. Before that I always shot photographs with 200 ISO films, which aren’t made for shady places. So, as I finally got my film in my LC-A I noticed, that my ISO settings start at 25 ISO and end at 400 ISO, not like the LC-A+. I got a bit desperate, but I still wanted to shoot pictures, so I just thought “Whatever.” I set the ISO on 400 and began photographing.

After developing the film and first saw the photos, I couldn’t believe my eyes. They came out great! Most of the pics had a light red touch. But not like a redscale film. I don’t know if it’s because of the overexposure or the lens, but it’s a wonderful effect.

I now know, that mixing ISOs can lead to magical photographs. Try it out!

written by rancliffhasenza on 2011-02-26 #gear #review #lomography #user-review #mixing-iso-800-400-lc-a-lomography-film


  1. kribbzor
    kribbzor ·

    love pic 10! ;D

  2. robodisko
    robodisko ·

    Cool, im liking the effect!

  3. natalieerachel
    natalieerachel ·

    Ahh! I love the light leaks in your photos!!

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