Sweetwater Creek State Park - A Great Place to Hang Out in Nature

Sweetwater Creek State Park is a quiet retreat and less than 20 miles from downtown Atlanta, GA. Nestled among 2,549 acres the state park features: 9 miles of hiking trails, a 215 acre lake, fishing, canoe and boat rentals, ranger programs, a visitor center and gift shop. Sweetwater is a great place to get away from the city and take some photographs.

A few weekends ago my wife and I were looking to get out of the house for a little hiking. After a quick search online I found Sweetwater Creek State Park. Getting there was a short drive and the park was very easy to find. There is no entry fee for the park, just a $5 parking fee which is very reasonable. After parking we checked out the map of the hiking trails and set out. There are four hiking trails that are color coded to keep you on track.

Credits: lomogregory

We chose to take the red trail because it goes to one of the main attractions at the park, the New Manchester Mill Ruins. These ruins were one of the main reasons I wanted to come to the park. After a short hike we arrived at the ruins and they are worth the trip themselves. The mill was one of the largest mills in Georgia and in full production for the Confederate Army. But the mill was burned by General Sherman’s troops to cut supplies from the Confederates. I wasn’t able to go into the ruins this time, but I might take the guided tour next time to get an even closer look. After taking some photos of the ruins we continued on with our hike along the creek, and looped back to the car.

Credits: lomogregory

I would recommend Sweetwater Creek State Park to anyone visiting or living in Atlanta. There is so much there to explore, and is a great location for taking photos. I hope to return soon with a Sprocket Rocket to take some panoramic shots of the area!

For more information on the park visit:
Sweetwater Creek State Park Website

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