Chinese New Year - Celebration at River Hongbao


Have you been to River Hongbao this year? It is an annual Chinese New Year event in Singapore and this year is its 25th anniversary. My family goes there every year to view the Chinese New Year displays and this year is no exception!

River Hongbao 2011 is held at the Float at Marina Bay. The Chinese Zodiac for this year is the Rabbit so the theme of River Hongbao 2011 is “Year of The Rabbit: Many Returns” ( "兔"气扬眉 in Chinese ). The organisers hope that we can usher in the Rabbit year and feel proud of what we have achieved for the past year. You can see a lot of rabbit displays around since it is the Year of The Rabbit. For people of other races, River Hongbao is a good opportunity to experience the Chinese New Year and understand more about the Chinese culture. Do visit the event next year if you have the chance!

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  1. walkerchoo
    walkerchoo ·

    i did not get a chance to go there this yr. :(

  2. dabai
    dabai ·

    haha we will go together next year if you are back :)

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