The Making of a Giant LC-A+

The sight of the giant LC-A+ at the Lomography Gallery Store Sheung Wan in Hong Kong is something not to be missed. It stands tall there about waist level, always amazing the visitors. In this article, our store manager Alex will tell us the making-of story of how the giant camera was born!

The Giant LC-A+ was modeled after the original LC-A+, following the scale of 1 to10, it’s about the height of half a person. Beside the decorative purpose, the giant LC-A+ was produced to celebrate the LC-A 25th Anniversary. It was revealed in June 19th, 2009 to a crowd filled with amazement to the giant beauty!

“At first we wanted to build a transparent aquarium to contain the submissions of the Paper LC-A+ competition.” Alex said “Then I thought, perhaps we could make the aquarium in the shape of the LC-A. However, it would be easily missed if it was transparent. Slowly the idea of producing the giant LC-A was born.” And there the unique “made in Hong Kong” reproduction was born!

With the final concept, Alex found the production company that could carry out this important mission. The production began with a clay model which was already very accurate at the first stage. The clay model was used to create a mold, which was then used to mold the final production with fiber glass. Thanks to the mastery skills of the sculptor and technician, the final product shows amazing details including the texture of the leather, accurate portray of every element of the camera.

“We had this grand idea of making the viewfinder, lens and light meter also transparent. Sadly it wouldn’t work due to technical difficulty. However, it was still a highly accurate production, even the leather texture was reproduced.”

Check the video below to see the actual happenings of the 25th Anniversary of the LC-A in 2009! Lomographers were crazy over the giant reproduction and fought to pose with the camera for a photo, pretending they were taking photos with the giant camera, etc. After the party, the giant camera became a trademark of the gallery store and constantly on display. It was also exhibited in LCX at Tsim Sha Shui once! (It was such a pain to move this heavy camera…)

Visit this famous camera now at the Lomography Gallery Store Hong Kong Sheung Wan

Revisit the LC-A 25th Anniversary:
Lomo LC-A 25th Birthday Party @ Lomography Gallery Store Hong Kong

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