Half a Year with the Lomo LC-A+ RL


After 16 rolls of film and nearly half a year under my belt I feel I am ready to review the LOMO LC-A+ RL.

Before I purchased my LOMO LC-A+ RL all I had was my Fuji Instax Mini 7s. Not a lot of Lomographers use Instax so I wanted something that shot 35mm. Around the same time I discovered the BBC documentary about Lomography and learned about the camera that started it all. The LOMO LC-A.

Here in Hawaii people sometimes say, “Look to the source.” Applying that to Lomography I decided the only way to know really know Lomography was to look to the source and get an LC-A in some form or another. I had a few piggies saved up, not a lot, but I used what I had to order the LC-A+ RL. I personally felt it was important to get the version with the Russian lens. I honestly don’t know if it takes better pictures than the Chinese lens version, but to me it was like the soul of the camera. I also really wanted to know that it was that everyone had fallen in love with.

My LC-A+ RL arrived and I was a giddy as a little child on their birthday. I named my LC-A+ RL “Albus” and loaded it up with film. I was so happy with the results that I just kept loading it up with film after each roll. Now, nearly half a year later, I’ve shot sixteen rolls of film and have posted every photo taken with the camera here on Lomography.

So what is the bottom line? In a word; WOW! Sometimes you buy something and sadly forget about it weeks or months later. It is easy to tire of something or just move on. This is not at all the case with this little camera of love and joy. I literally take it with me anytime I leave the house. Look at my gallery and you’ll see photos of the gas station, grocery store and just daily life.

Also the camera is pretty much built like a tank. When you take a camera with you every place you might at times question if doing that is the most sane thing to do. Many cameras are very fragile. I’m not telling you to test the limit but I feel very confident in the cameras construction. If anything it has survived the salty sea air this long!

Lastly there is that little glass lens. Seeing how life translates through the Russian lens has been very rewarding. Cross processed or normal it has always produced vibrant and nicely saturated photos. The sometimes strong and sometimes light vignetting is magical to say the least. I couldn’t be happier.

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  1. wuxiong
    wuxiong ·

    Yes, the LC-a+ can just make people crazy...<:) I have a problem herewith my LC-a+ (China lens Version). The problem is my lens tends tobe a little loose, I mean when you turn your cam slowly upside down in your hand, you will see the lens falls out a little , namely 1-2mm. Or if you shake a little , you will hear some cracking sound which is the lens glass makes. I actually had my first LC-a+ lens falls off after a year or so. Luckily the LOMO store in GUANGZHOU replace it for me. But the new one still has the same loose lens problem. I don't know if you anybody encounter this ? I just wish you guys who read this a good luck.... <:)

  2. holydarkyfied
    holydarkyfied ·

    almost anything that comes from china is made in a way... i won't say cheap, but anyway, don't try to fix it yourself, don't you dare, it could be a way for them to save money and not replace it. Try to get another one or wait until the lens falls or that you get a lot of very bad pictures full of light leaks (it is okay sometimes to have light leaks, but on a Diana or on a Holga, not on a LC-A. this camera costs a lot of money, it should be somewhat good quality...). Maybe you're unlucky, try again and talk about your problem to the lomo guys, they will help you in some way. If they do not.... I don't know, do something xD

  3. -walsh-
    -walsh- ·

    nice article and great photos!

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