Zenit E, My Pretty Little Russian!


A review about this amazing camera which surprises me every day! It was enough to get lost in the Russian Camera section at Lomography store…I ran into Zenit E and it was love at first sight!!!

As I had some accumulated piggies and I have family living in London, I didn’t let the opportunity to escape and ordered it. In three days the camera was in my aunt’s hands, who was coming to Rio to spend the Christmas Holidays. But, with flight cancellations due to snow, Zenit E ended up arriving in the December 24. No doubt it was the best Christmas present I ever had. =)

So, I started to shoot with Zenit, rolls and rolls over…But wait a minute…the photos didn’t come out! I lost 5 brand new rolls in my first attempts. The problem: at the time of loading the film in the camera, there’s nowhere to fit and hold it, as expected. I tried to put the film in many ways, but it always ended up tangling in the middle… Until a brilliant idea (quite obvious) came to mind: to tape it!!! This has saved me from complete failure,

After that, playing with Zenit was very easy. It may sound complicated, after all, it is all manual. But do not panic, to read the manual will solve all your doubts. For those who have difficulty to find it: Manual

Zenit E comes with Helios 44-2 58mm lens. It’s really fun to play with the settings of focus and aperture, the photos are amazing. I love the smooth “bokeh” that this lens makes…

In summary: If you have an opportunity of buying a Zenit E, grab it!!!

written by lucianamorin on 2011-03-27 #gear #brazil #35mm #review #russian-camera #zenit-e #rio-de-janeiro #london #lomography #film-camera #user-review
translated by alosaluap


  1. zoezo
    zoezo ·

    like my article

  2. woosang
    woosang ·

    Lovely. Your photos are stunning

  3. arcadiobuendia
    arcadiobuendia ·

    you can simply stick the end of the film by holding it in your hand to the little gap on the spool, and then place it in the camera. I am currently using an E and loving it!

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