Unawatuna Beach, Sri Lanka: A Beach Bum's Heaven


Unawatuna, Sri Lanka is one of those beaches where one dip in the sea and all your stress will be washed away. We spent the last week of 2010 in this beach paradise.

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Unawatuna is one of Sri Lanka’s most famous beaches. To get here, we took a flight to Colombo then took a hotel taxi for about four hours. Most of the hotels will arrange a pickup for you from Colombo airport. This was the best place we visited during our 12-day tour of Sri Lanka.

Credits: pushkar

Unawatuna is a curved stretch of beach lined with plenty of laid back bars and restaurants that you can sample everyday without having to repeat for a month. It’s a sun lover’s paradise with loads of small shacks offering beach beds where you can lounge in the whole day. The sea is perfectly warm for a dip most time of the day. If you’re the adventurous type, you can indulge in plenty of water sports. I scuba dived about four times for the most amazing local dives. There’s plenty of marine life just in case you want to snorkel. Sri Lankan people are very friendly and their food is super tasty, it’s a bit on the spicier side, but they will make a milder version of one of their famous curries for you.

Around the beach, there are also plenty of activities, for example jungle beach is a secluded beach (you guessed it) surrounded by a thick, tropical jungle. We rented a bike and rode to a nearby village called Kogalle. There are a couple of spice islands where you can take a leisurely boat tour. Kogalle also has one turtle hatchery where they protect endangered turtles. It was fun to hold little ones while the big one stared at us. :D

The closest big city is Galle. It’s about 20-30mins by tuk-tuk (3-wheeler rickshaws) you can find a Kodak color lab in one of their (medium) supermarkets called Kargill Food City near the cricket stadium.

Credits: pushkar

On the 30th of December, one of the hotels had arranged for us to see a Sri Lankan devil dance which was great fun.

Credits: pushkar

Unawatuna website: http://www.welcome2una.com/

http://www.unawatunabeachresort.com is a fancy resort you can stay in or try look around for a more rustic place. Wherever you stay, try to get a sea view room and your trip will be totally worth it. Sri Lankan currency is very low and one dollar is about 110 Sri Lankan rupees, it’s very cheap and great value for money.

Most of this beautiful place was hit hard by the 2005 Tsunami. It’s slowly but surely coming up as one of the most laid back and happening beaches in Asia. The name Unawatuna itself sounds exotic and it’s fun to say. :D

This was our first trip to Sri Lanka and definitely won’t be the last. Message me if you need any more details and I’ll be glad to help you.

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  1. lawypop
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    Great article! i stayed at Unawatuna too! I luv Sri Lankan!

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