Lomography Safari through the Magic Water Circuit in Lima

Saturday 3:30pm, Magic Water Circuit, Lima-Perú. Aura and I were getting ready to begin, with our right foot, what would be her first Safari. A tight yellow suitcase contained many lomographic goods: a Diana F+ with 35mm back and a Fisheye lens: a Lomo BC, a Flash, color filters, and lots of Lomography film.

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Little by little our Safari friends were arriving with different cameras. Each one bringing the one that represented more their personalities, or maybe the one that was easier and more fun to handle. There was as much variety in cameras as magic fountains to visit.

The Safari Begins, Let’s hunt down some photos!
The first one we met was The Traditions fountain, followed by the River of Wishes (I didn’t even wish for one of course…), but they weren’t as fun as the Children’s Fountain! This one gave us the occasion to capture those marvelous moments of children playing in the water, trying to catch the water that sprouted from the water intermittently, some others would enter and exit the Fountain as if they were persuading the rest to follow them. All of it was delightful for us who are always chasing after casual and fresh images, so fresh that we ended up wet ourselves. The hunt beings with a ColorSplash, followed by a Sprocket Rocket, and a Fisheye…

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But from where we didn’t make it out too dry was from the beautiful Labyrinth Fountain. Here we didn’t only see young kids, but older folks who acted like kids. The jets of water that sprayed out unanticipated were much stronger and trickier than the previous fountain, splashing anyone who tried to enter it. Here an accustomed Lomoholic pulls a Spinner 360…

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A few steps later we arrived at the Surprise Tunnel Fountain, a tunnel consisting of water wall which thanks to the powerful water jets that went from one end to the other formed a beautiful passage. But what a dare would it be to put your hand in the water, diverting the course of the water and splashing everyone who was in the interior. A Diana F+ shoots and on the other side and LC-A+ does the same.

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A few shots later we got to the Magic Fountain, this one had a water jet immensely tall and intimidating, they said it was about 75m in height, but I think it was more. It was so big that the wind would push the mist and wet the spectators who were watching from the romantic arcs called ‘Logia del Parque de la Reserva’. A Diana Mini comes into action…

Finally, after crossing an underground viaduct we made it to some gardens that looked like the story of Alice in Wonderland with huge sculptures made of plants and flowers. There was a magnified teapot out of which an endless stream of water fell over a generous cup of tea. We didn’t hesitate to snap it. All Lomoholics fire at will…

There’s more of us
Our journey came to an end, and Aura and I were totally happy with all of our lomographic preys, feeling that the Safari had been a total success. The most memorable part was when all of us had our picture taken with a Diana F+ & Instant Back. Very moving for me, in a personal way, because in 2008 I had my first lomographic trip in Lima-Perú. Now in 2011 there’s more of us, and the Peruvian lomographic community keeps on growing, flowing and surprising… like the waters from the Multicolor Magic Fountains. Don’t stop shooting lomographer!

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Here’s a summary video…

written by sophiadurand on 2011-02-21 #news #water #workshop #safari #peru #lomography #lima #taller #lomografia
translated by reneg88

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